Institutional Clients

Miranda works with a number of institutional clients including:

  • AFTRS (Australian Film, Television and Radio School), Sydney, Australia
  • Equity Foundation, Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane/Adelaide Australia
  • TOI WHAKAARI — NZ Drama School, Wellington NZ
  • Victoria University Masters in Theatre Arts program
  • NZ Film and TV School, Wellington NZ
  • TAP The Actors Program, Auckland NZ
  • UNITEC, Auckland NZ
  • SDGNZ Screen Directors Guild NZ 
  • The Court Theatre, Christchurch NZ
  • Scots College CPAC Creative and Performing Arts School, Wellington NZ
  • Waikato University Hillary Programme
  • Victoria University Department of Theatre and Film




ENDORSEMENTS and FEEDBACK from Equity Foundation Masterclasses in Sydney and Melbourne — 2013


— Miranda Harcourt is a MUST MUST MUST for serious actors. Or any actors for that matter. She is insightful, sensitive and perceptive, and her class is well thought out and cleverly constructed. I would definitely give up my hard-earned Sunday to work with her again. What's more, she then emailed us all some brief notes from the class... above and beyond, Miranda. 

— I wanted to thank you and say it was the best workshop I've ever been to.  I thought everything you covered on internal landscape, vista, white space and connection was invaluable.  Through the exercises and video footage I felt I gained a real understanding of the concepts you were teaching us.  I am thrilled at how much I learnt in one day

—You set up an environment where people felt compelled (not just comfortable!) to be open and ask questions.  It is such a rare and wonderful skill to bring out the best in people, as I saw you do.  I know everyone felt so lucky to have worked with you, we all walked away feeling very inspired.  

— I have enormous respect and admiration for what you have done in your career.  I am particularly fascinated by your work in prisons, your experience at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London and your incorporation of science in your approach to acting.  I will be sure to keep an eye out for when you next visit Australia as it would be so cool to work with you again in future and learn more about your experiences.

— I had a great time with Miranda, she is probably just about the best screen teacher I've had so far. The detail and specificity of her work and clarity of direction is astounding. I particularly found the work on creating a rich interior landscape invaluable.

— The workshop with Miranda Harcourt was the best Equity run event I have attended.  Miranda was an informative, caring and knowledgable teacher.  Providing the entire class with what each individual needed.  I will definitely be putting myself in the ballot for anything that Miranda offers to run again.  I found her teaching to be invaluable.  

— I found Miranda's approach and insight really refreshing. Hearing about her work with Jane Campion and Peter Jackson was very inspiring. I think she is an excellent acting coach and I am interested in seeking further coaching from her in the future. Was also great to be surrounded by such experienced and accomplished actors.

— Absolutely loved the course with Miranda , it  was a really insightful and useful workshop.  Thank you

— Thanks again for the Miranda Harcourt Masterclass.  I found it incredibly useful.  I really liked the way she illustrated screen acting principles with architectural, visual art and philosophical principles and clips from films and TV.  Miranda was very generous and really treated us all as intelligent actors with something to say and created a safe space for us all to work in.  I would love to work with her again.

— I absolutely loved Miranda's Masterclass! She was so generous with her knowledge and gave her us some interesting tools to work with as actors.  I got a lot out of the class and walked away thinking I hope I get to work with her one day!

— Really enjoyed the masterclass with Miranda - a good variety of physical and group activities mixed with camera work. Would definitely be interested in attending future classes with Miranda.

— I just wanted to send a huge thank you to you and Equity for the opportunity to attend Miranda's masterclass.  It was an incredible experience and I cannot believe how much I learnt in one day.

— Miranda gave us the tools to really help us connect with the script and learn it in a way I had not previously discovered.  It was invaluable and I am so grateful for Miranda's care and generosity.

— I absolutely relished Miranda's masterclass! Her down to earth and no-ego approach was so freeing and fun to work with. She articulated so many issues we face as actors and shared some fantastic tools to draw on when acting on screen. I've already implemented the 'white space' idea in two auditions since! Other than that she was just so hilarious; I would jump at the chance to work with her further!

— Letting you know that Miranda's workshop was a really terrific practical, dynamic, present and in the moment technique to approach both script and attitude and simply allowing the true colours and real moments to flow without artifice, fear of 'doing it as rehearsed' or 'doing it right' but literally takes away the pressure and allows freedom to experience the moment and fly. Definitely keen to attend more of Miranda's workshops!!! A fabulous teacher!

— Miranda Harcourt’s masterclass was such a great, intensive event, with no minute wasted, it felt like a couple of hours not a full day.  Miranda’s knowledge is vast, but what is even more fantastic about it is her great ability to pass it on. The exercises were very hands-on, so very easy to remember.   I am still feeling inspired. 

— I loved Miranda's workshop and got sooo much out of it. 
There was so much useful stuff in there, and the practical stuff was great, I loved the mix of watching ref materials and doing the prac. And she had very insightful feedback. Also, how lovely that we all had separate scenes! So we didn’t have to watch the same ones over and over and also got to really own them and not worry about how others had done them. Couldn't recommend her highly enough and would love to have further skype sessions with her.

— Miranda is an extremely sharp, intelligent, confident and passionate teacher who was wonderful to be around and learn from in those short amount of hours. She had a clear plan of what she wanted to show/teach us and pointed out the common mistakes, habits we all actors have and tend to do when being in cruise control. The class was filled with talented and passionate actors and I left the day with a smile and satisfaction having learnt something new. 

— Just wanted to say a huge thanks for Miranda's masterclass. She is suc a fantastic and knowledgable teacher and I had such a great time! I took a lot of things away from the day.

— Miranda was just fantastic.

— I thought she set up a very safe atmosphere for the class participants. Miranda was never condescending- she was always on the level with all the actors, talking to them as equals no matter what the question. There was plenty of variety to keep us all involved. There was also a great ethos around the work. I feel blessed to have some terminology surrounding the work involved in "being in the moment/ working instinctually". It was fabulous working within many media - doing, watching video, seeing stills, playing games, visualising the bag.

— An awesome and rewarding day. I am inspired!

— Miranda's workshop was brilliant. She's wonderful.

— Thank you again for that marvellous opportunity.

—  thought Miranda was absolutely brilliant! No wonder she is a top acting coach. I'm so glad I was able to be a part of the class, I got lucky!

— It was such a fantastic day, I know everyone walked away having learnt a great deal and feeling very inspired!

— Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and to equity for providing/organising these sorts of opportunities, I feel very lucky to have worked with such a talented actor/coach.  

— Welcoming... inclusive and vigilantly non-success/judgemental with a deep sense of inquiry and a rigorous search for authenticity and 'truth'.  

— I found Miranda's approach to performance a fantastical mix of non-nonsense NZ directness and honesty, and a deeply textured understanding of international standards, needs and demands. The success of her collaborations both 'on and off' screen, with some of the worlds leading film makers are evidenced by the quality and delicateness of the performances she has facilitated her actors in creating. Lovely Bones & Bright Star to name but two. Check them out they are truly astounding.

— What a pleasure to have attended her remarkable workshop.

— I wanted to tell you how much I loved the Miranda Harcourt Masterclass. She is a doll and again such grace and humility, she is a great asset to our industry and I applaud you for collecting such great teachers to reignite our fires!

— The class with Miranda was an eye-opener for me. A whole other world of techniques I was un-aware of. Miranda was very nurturing to the actors also which helped - I felt safe in that environment.

— Just thought I would give you some feedback on yesterday.

 It was a really informative day. I walked away with so many new tools and new ways of looking at things, Miranda was really pleasant and helpful and gave such easy direction to all the Actors.  Thanks for arranging this!

— The workshop with Miranda was fantastic. I gained so much from it and came away feeling inspired and motivated. It was wonderful that she followed it up by sending notes.   

— A huge thank you for the most amazing day yesterday with Miranda 

— Brilliant coach and inspirational person

Thank you for organising the masterclass with Miranda. I feel very privileged to have been a part of it. 

— Miranda really had a strong sense of direction where she was going to take the class, and I really appreciated her follow up notes that addressed much of the topics covered. I took a lot out of the day. 

— It was a fantastic informative day.  MIranda is highly skilled, professional and encouraging. I found the workshop to be extremely worthwhile and wished it could have gone on longer!